Essay farmer marathi

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Essay farmer marathi

It is bounded to the north by the Satpura Rangeto the east by the Berar Vidarbha region, to the south by the Hills of Ajanta belonging to the Marathwada region of Maharashtraand to the west by the northernmost ranges of the Western Ghats.

The principal natural feature is the Tapi River. The Tapi receives thirteen principal tributaries in its course through Khandesh.

Essay farmer marathi

None of these rivers is navigable, and the Tapi flows in a deep bed which historically made it difficult to use for irrigation. Most of Khandesh lies south of the Tapi and is drained by its tributaries: The alluvial plain north of the Tapi contains some of the richest tracts in Khandesh, and the land rises towards the Satpuda hills.

In the centre and east, the country is level, save for some low ranges of barren hills. To the north and west, the plain rises into rugged hills, thickly wooded, and inhabited by the tribal Bhil people. Firuz Shah Tughlaq had initially appointed Malik Raja as the commander-in-chief of Khandesh region, but he declares himself independent after the death of Firoz Tughlaq and ruled until Need synonyms for apprentice?

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