D2 counselling

Forward, Futures and Swap Changing Landscape of Banking sector Recent Developments in the Financial Sector, Portfolio Investment, Public Sector Reforms, Disinvestments Financial Inclusion- use of technology Alternate source of finance, private and social cost-benefit, Public-Private Partnership Corporate Governance in Banking Sector, role of e-governance in addressing the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the government sector.

D2 counselling

Community Development is multidisciplinary in nature. It plays an integral part in promoting social inclusion and coherence for communities by empowering them to find sustainable solutions to their challenges. People working with and in communities require relevant knowledge and skills to operate effectively; hence the need for the qualification.

This qualification is designed to equip the learner with the tools to address the challenges of communities in a holistic and integrative manner. It provides an alternative route to the traditional approach of completing a Bachelors Degree as an initial qualification by offering a certificate as a first qualification which then leads to Bachelor Degree study.

This is particularly useful to those who do not obtain admission to Bachelor Degree study with their National Senior Certificate and for those who cannot afford to study full time for four years without being employed. This qualification can be offered in a formal education setting as well as through occupationally directed workplace training for learners already employed in the community development sector.

It contributes towards standardisation of the operations of people working in the community development sector. Communication at NQF Level 4. Recognition of Prior Learning: The Qualification can be achieved in whole or part through the Recognition of Prior Learning. Learners obtaining the whole Qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning and wishing to be declared competent are required to complete an assessment for the purpose of such recognition.

This implies that the Qualification may be granted to learners who have acquired the skills and knowledge without attending formal courses, providing they can demonstrate competence in the Specific Outcomes of the individual Unit Standards as listed in the Fundamental, Core and Elective Components and in the Exit Level Outcomes of the Qualification.

Learners submitting themselves for Recognition of Prior Learning should be thoroughly briefed prior to the assessment, which may take a number of forms or a combination of forms such as, for example: A practical workplace assessment.

While this is primarily a workplace-based Qualification, evidence from other areas of endeavour may be introduced if pertinent to any of the Exit Level Outcomes.

D2 counselling

All unit standards to the value of 21 are compulsory. All unit standards to the value of are compulsory.

The Elective Component consists of a number of Specialisations. Learners are to choose a specialisation area and complete a selection of unit standards listed for that specialisation totaling a minimum of 20 credits to attain a minimum of credits required to complete the qualification.

Where a particular area of specialisation does not total the required minimum of 20 credits, the learner may choose unit standard s in other specialisation clusters to meet the requirement. The specialisation areas are the following: Learning Programme ID Monitor and control the execution of the project management plan for a simple to moderately complex project, NQF Level 5.Sports Betting with great football odds at OddsRing!

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• Psychology • Educational Counselling • Social Work/ Counselling • Social Science • Health Promotion • Child and Youth Development. D2 Human Resources Management D2 Performance management is the process of management that contributes to the effective management of individuals and .

Royal Palm Christian Counseling is a service of Royal Palm Ministries, Inc. (RPM).

D2 counselling

In addition to counseling, RPM offers counselor training, Christian dispute resolution and conciliation, seminars, workshops, Christian life and career coaching, and public speakers including pulpit supply for . Unit 24 Counselling Essay. Words Mar 29th, 5 Pages. Furthermore, I will evaluate the effectiveness of the use of counselling skill in regards to client decision making process and finally describing potential boundary issues that may occur in a helping relationship.

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